Episode 1: The Creationist. / by Bryan West

 The Creationist  - 06/13/2014

The Creationist  - 06/13/2014

Let's get this party started.

I've been posting a lot of shiny slick sketches over the past year or so, but I haven't shared any sequential art. Sequential Art is what interests me the most, but I am very insecure about my comic pages. I decided that it was time to start a webcomic as a means of practicing my craft and exercising some demons. Every installment will be a self-contained story that will be strange and at least a little bit autobiographical. Some entries will be funny, some sad, and some will be downright crappy. 

Honestly, this project is more for me than anyone else. The focus here is practice and working within a schedule. My goal is to post AT LEAST 1 entry per month, accompanied by a small blog post(like this one!). I know one entry per month is not a lot, but I have school, other projects, a podcast, and a (somewhat)social life to tend to. 

This first entry is a simple declaration of the comic itself. I felt that the most appropriate way to launch a comic was to create my comic universe. So here it is, you are all witnesses to the beginning of the universe, you are sooooo cool. 

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