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Optic Blast! - Episode 15, June 2014


This month on Optic Blast:

  • As per usual, The Optic Blast crew discusses the top news stories, reviews their favorite books, and generally goofs off.  


  • DC gives colorists some lovin'

  • Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt enters the Spider-Verse

  • Enroll at Gotham High School!

  • Sales numbers for Rocket Racoon are bonkers!

Indie Spotlight:


  • This month Optic Blast is brought to your host Bryan West. You can book commissions Here, and purchase prints of his artwork on his Society 6 page

  • You can also support us via our Patreon Page:


  • Fatale

  • Sex Criminals

  • Deadly Class

  • The Wake

  • The Wicked + The Devine

Opening Music:

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