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Optic Blast! - Episode 13, April 2014

This month on Optic Blast:

  • As per usual, The Optic Blast crew discusses the top news stories from April, reviews their favorite books, and generally goofs off.  


  • Warner Bros. Movie plans!

  • Gotham TV show

  • Amazon buys Comixology!

Indie Spotlight:

  • Optic Blast shines the spotlight on Love Machine. For more info please visit the writers webpage and his blog


  • This month Optic Blast is brought to your host Bryan West. Bryan is trying to raise money to attend HeroesCon, and would be grateful if you purchased some of his artwork. You can book commissions from Bryan Here, and purchase prints of his artwork on his Society 6 page. Artwork/Print Sample: 


  • Skinned 

  • Uncanny Avengers

  • Justice League Unlimited

  • Moon Knight

Opening Music: 

Intermission Music: 

by aivi & surasshu visit their bandcamp Here

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