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Optic Blast! - Episode 09, Dec 2013

This month on Optic Blast!

  • Apologies for the late episode, we recorded the show over a week ago and lost it due to a power surge(D'oh!).


  • We talk through all the announcements from Image Expo!
  • Star Wars comics going back to marvel


  • This episode is brought to you by Manga Studio! If you are an aspiring comic artist or illustrator you really should be using Manga Studio, there are a ton of great programs for creating digital art but Manga Studio is designed specifically for Comic Artists.GET ON IT. 

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Indie Spotlight:

  • The Optic Blast gives a spoiler -free review of D4VE from Monkey Brain Press. You should buy it...Now!

Opening Music:

Les Breatfeeders

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