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Optic Blast! Episode 02, May 2013

Optic Blast! Episode 02, May 2013

Join us this week as we discuss:

  • Mark Waid owes us some money!
  • Is Apple homophobic or is Twitter homophobic-phobic?!
  • Marvel triple ships their way to the top of the charts!
  • What do Bioshock Infinite, Beer, Arrow, Pop’n Music, and Kavinsky have in common?!
  • To Kill a Mockingbird?


  • Swamp Thing #19
  • Demon Knights #19
  • Black Beetle #3
  • Age of Ultron #6
  • Uncanny Avengers #6

Check back next week, when the first episode of The Chronicle of SAGA drops, and in two weeks we will have the very first episode of The Optic Blast Book Club!

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