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Optic Blast! Episode 01, April 2013

Hello and welcome discerning listeners to Optic Blast!, the comic book discussion show where comedy and comics collide. A monthly podcast that covers the highs, lows and most importantly the in-betweens of the comic book medium.

BE WARNED, there may be minor spoilers throughout, but we will try to give you a heads up before we discuss anything too revealing.

Join us this week as we discuss: 

  • DC to Orson Scott Card "you're fired!...Sort of...Not really?
  • DC Comics: Demented Merry-Go-Round? 
  • Mig tells us alllllll about Killer Moth!


  • Mara # 3 
  • Uncanny Avengers #5
  • Star Wars: Legacy #1
  • Manhattan Projects #10
  • Invincible #101
  • Batman & Robin #18
  • SAGA

The Bookshelf: I KILL GIANTS 

The Optic Blast crew picks apart "I Kill Giants" by Joe Kelly and JM Kem Nimura.

Join us next month more exciting comics comedy goodness! "The Bookshelf" discussion will be The Rocketeer! Cargo of Doom, so pick that up so we can discuss it next month, and you can join in on the orgy of insightfulness.


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