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Optic Blast

Optic Blast! - Episode 06, Sept 2013

This month on Optic Blast! ...


  • DC rides Villain's Month to the top of the sales charts....In 3D!
  • Archie's gang tell Co-CEO to "STAY OUT OF RIVERDALE!"
  • Chip and Matt's wild Sex Criminals-SEX PARTY! 


  • Optic Blast previews "PULP" by Jeremy Holt and Chris Peterson! Get your print copies at NYCC, or online at 



  • Zero #1
  • Avengers Arena #14, #15
  • Rat Queens #1
  • Adventure Time #20

Listener Mail! 

    @AvidComicGuy asks us to create a contemporary version of this amazing crew! 

    Opening Music: 

    Level 1 from Silver Surfer(NES) 

    Closing Music: 

    Summer is Gone by Slime Girls

    Bryan WestComment