Optic Media is looking for Podcasters, Comics Creators, and other Creative Types / by Bryan West


I started Optic Media as a company to focus my creative efforts, but I always wanted to use the company to deliver content from other people as well. While I’m not plotting world domination just yet, I would like to see Optic Media grow beyond myself. Ideally, Optic-Media.com would function as sort of a hub for Web Comics, Podcasts, Articles, and other features. The idea being that everyone’s content helps to promote other features on the site. For example, visitors to the website might come for a particular podcast, but stay for the web comics.


Any content you provide would still be your property. Optic Media would claim no ownership of your creation. What I am providing is a place to publish your content, and hopefully gather a community of creative people.  To be frank, I am currently paying for unlimited storage for the website, and while I have plans for more content in 2014, I feel like I am not taking full advantage of the website.


I want 2014 to be an eventful year for Optic Media, and I hope that taking this step to work with others will lead to rewarding relationships, and a strong creative community of motivated individuals.


What I am looking for is more interesting content for the website. I am mainly interested in Web Comics, Podcasts, and Articles focusing on Comics and Comics craft. I am of course, open to any ideas. If you have an idea, please email samples or descriptions to OpticMediaContact@gmail.com


For more details, or answers to any questions you may have, please email me at the address above.



Bryan West, founder