PodCast News! / by Bryan West

2 is a company, 3 is a better company!

We have some exciting PodCast news. We didn't get a lot of feedback from our first episode, but there were some people who felt it was just damn long. So we are breaking up the podcast into 3 different podcasts.

“Optic Blast!” will still be the main attraction in which we discus news, reviews, play games and other nonsense.

“The Chronicle of SAGA!” will be a podcast all about Saga by the lovely Brian K. Vaughn and the lovelier Fiona Staples.

And finally…

“Optic Blast! Book Club” that’s the show where we have in-depth discussions about Graphic Novels and Collected editions, perfect for casual fans and new readers.

To clarify  instead of one 2 hour PodCasts, you will get 3 PodCasts spread out through the month. Optic Blast!  will come out the 2nd Friday of the month, The Chronicle of Saga will come out the 3rd Friday of the month, and the Optic Blast Book Club will drop on the 4th Friday of the month. Get it? Got it? ...GOOD!

 Our Pal, Sly is STOKED!

Our Pal, Sly is STOKED!