Digital Storytelling - Blog #6 "Sleepless nights" / by Bryan West

This month was the most difficult that I have had at Full Sail so far, but overall it was a rewarding experience. I feel like I learned a lot in both classes. My primary takeaways from Digital Storytelling were:


·      My DAD class is composed of unusually bright and talented people. I really feel like the challenge of this month made our class band together and help each other out. More so, I have learned that my peers at Full Sail are an extremely valuable resource for inspiration, feedback, and support.

·      Constructive Criticism is my best friend. I know that I am a pretty decent artist, and I tend to get a lot of feedback that is friendly but ultimately worthless. The focus on critique in this class taught me a lot about how to give and receive feedback about projects, and to consider all feedback valuable even if I do not initially agree.

·      It is OK not to have a great ideal until you are almost finished working on a design project. I tend to think of the design process as sketching out ideas until you find a good one, and then working on the best design. In this class I learned that research, sketching, gathering feedback, and evolving is most of the work, and you may not have anything good until you are almost finished. As an illustrator I always want to quickly choose an idea, and then make it look pretty, but in this class I learned that concept is king.

 2am at my place with school chums.

2am at my place with school chums.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, this was a very challenging month. There were many sleepless nights hunched over my desk, and I am certain that I drank twice as much coffee as usual. Despite my exhaustion, I am grateful for the experience, and I looking forward to applying what I learned in this class as I move forward at Full Sail. 

Celebrate good times, C'mon!