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Comix Blog #4


If you are an artist looking to make a name for yourself, your best bet is establishing a social media following. Because of this, there can be a lot of pressure to PRODUCE instead of PRACTICE. Anybody who’s studied social media or marketing knows that it is all about content; frequent content, quality content, appropriate content, etc. It can be totally overwhelming. As an artist, you need to be constantly learning to get better and build on previous successes but to learn you need to be able to fail.

A big part of why I started this blog was to give myself permission to fail publicly. I am essentially trying to make drawing fun again. Most artists became artists because they liked to draw, drawing was probably their hobby. When your hobby becomes your job you lose a lot of what made it fun. Your self-worth gets all tangled up with this thing that you used to do for fun. I think to some extent, if you want to make money with your art then this is unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything in your power to hold on to as much fun as you can. 

So today I give you the same advice I gave myself, lighten the fuck up dude. Get yourself a “junk” sketchbook, start a sketch-dump Instagram account, draw while you watch movies or your favorite show, take breaks, and try to live a little…