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Comix Blog #1


I am currently working on what will be my first long-form comic story. When I say “long-form” I mean 6-12 issues, but it's still the most ambitious comic project I have ever undertaken. I’m going to take it slow, try to learn about the process along the way, and hopefully use this project to educate myself. I recently decided that I wanted to start a blog to document the process of making a comic series. My hope is that the process of documentation will help keep me motivated and on-track. Writing about the project also forces me to think critically about what I am doing.

Of course, my motivations aren’t ENTIRELY selfish, I think seeing someone write honestly about their struggles, the things they have learned, and their successes can be extremely motivating for other creators. There used to be a podcast called “Guys With Pencils” where a couple of animators from Canada would talk about their workweek. As silly as it sounds, that podcast was a major motivator for me to go back to school and study art/design. Sure, there are more tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube than anybody could ever watch, but I hope this feels more honest and conversational than a tutorial.

Originally, I was just going to post this to my main account, but as a small business owner, a lot of ugly sketchbook drawings, thumbnails, and script pages could easily confuse or repulse any potential clients or art directors. Ultimately, I decided to create another account so I don’t have to worry about the quality of my drawings. This will be a PROCESS blog, and the process is frequently ugly. I still consider @bryanwestart my primary account and I will continue to post regular content. @bryanwestcomix is just bonus content for those who might be interested in making comics, storytelling, and art.

As I said, I want this to be conversational, so if you have questions or want me to post about a particular subject DM me and I will be happy to oblige. Thank you for being a friend...