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This is the personal and professional blog of Illustrator and Designer Bryan E. West. Blog focus is on illustration as a business, the artist's journey, freelance, and the online art community. 



Slacktavism is something we are all guilty of in some form. I see it in myself all the time and it's something I'm attempting to address. It's so easy to get enraged just scrolling through your newsfeed on facebook, and it's too easy to expel your anger by clicking 'share'. You probably should be mad about things that are going on in the world, but we have to get constructive with our anger. Sharing an article or signing a petition isn't a harmful action in itself, but it tricks your brain into thinking that you've actually done something about the problem. Something I've been trying to do recently is balance out my slacktivism with some sort of action. For example, if I share an article I have to actually do something about it. This can be a phone call, having a discussion with someone in real life, emailing my representative, donating time/money, and possibly creating some art. These actions are also just a drop in the bucket, but imagine how much money planned parenthood would receive in donations if everyone sharing an article about reproductive rights donated 5 dollars. The desire to make the world a better place exists, but we have to learn how to leverage it.