Keep Guns Away...


Today's editorial is not meant to be taken as a hard and fast policy, but it's something to seriously consider. Police officers sworn to "serve and protect" kill over 1000 people a year. This number totally eclipses other countries and is entirely unacceptable. While I do think that not all Police officers should carry guns, this is more of a statement against police violence. If you want to seriously ruin your day check out and check out the constantly updated list of every person killed by a police officer.


Guns don't belong in schools.


A policy of putting more guns in schools is nothing less than an assault on the lives of our youth. It is a threat to their physical and mental wellbeing. Fighting fire by dousing it in gasoline is not a sane policy. Schools are not prisons and the atmosphere should be one of positive growth and curiosity. DON'T @ ME.

Fear and Guns


I don’t like guns, and I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. I understand the raw appeal of guns, it’s weapon, lot’s of cool people in movies use them, they’re loud, they give you confidence, there is a skill/game factor, etc. But the appeal is so shallow it’s not difficult for me to see the logical downside of guns and grow to intellectually and emotionally DESPISE guns. I really do get the appeal, but I can’t understand why we’re so obsessed with them as Americans, and why we can’t let go.

There are obviously A TON of factors, one of the main reasons being the politicization of gun control, and those who leverage it for political manipulation. I present the following factor as something I’ve been thinking about and it is not intended to be my final thought on the issue. I think that America’s love of guns comes partially from how materialistic we are as a culture. I don’t just mean financially, but how we hold on so tight to the things we deem valuable. Clinging to our possessions, friends, family, loved ones, and even obsessively preserving memories with our cell phones. All of these things are impermanent, possessions break or get lost, loved ones die, and memories dissipate with time. There is a reason so many spiritual seekers give these things up in favor of a monastic life. Obviously, I don’t think it’s wrong to protect your family, but not being able to let go of the NEED to protect your family is unhealthy. Imagine the state of perpetual suffering necessary to buy a something that is more likely harm your loved ones than protect them; Betting the safety of your family against human error.

We live in a society where our government, our economic system, and in some ways the dominant religion are constantly feeding us a potent dose of fear and competition. Gun control needs to happen NOW, but if we really want to tackle the heart of the issue we need to focus on education, critical thinking and the betterment of the species.

Fruits of action


I've been busy with a lot of self-initiated work lately, but still managed to knock out one of these #humpdayeditorials. This one is a little different. I've been pretty stressed about my work lately. I went full-time freelance this summer after the agency I worked at went out of business. I took the opportunity to try and make freelance work as my only source of income and it has been rough. One of the hardest parts is that I feel a lot of pressure for everything I make to further my career aspirations. Anything I make and post could potentially get me a job, and it's very stressful. The Quote here is from the Bhagavad Gita, and it sums up one of the key messages of the Gita, which is to do your work without clinging to rewards. To be alike in pleasure and pain and just concentrate on the task at hand. Being organized is all about setting goals, and it's so easy to get hung up on what you want to gain. Letting go of the end result and focusing on the process alleviates a tremendous amount of stress. This is not to say that you shouldn't set goals or strategize, but I try to think of these things as just part of the process rather than the life or death endgame. If your work is all about setting and achieving goals you are going to find out quickly how hollow those achievements are and how fleeting the pleasure is before you move onto the next goal. You really have to learn to love the process and not get hung up on the result or you'll drive yourself crazy.

With friends like these, who the fuck needs COINTELPRO


If I was better at the internet, I would have planned a Valentine's Day post, but I'm not, and I didn't. I wanted to do another Black History-inspired post. These days there are a lot of liberals rooting for the FBI, but it's important to remember that the FBI is predominantly right-wing authority that has done(and continues to do) terrible things. COINTELPRO was a program designed to systematically infiltrate, descredit, harass, and destroy The Black Panthers and other socialist or anti-war organizations. It is regarded by most as a mistake and an embarrassment, but even today we see BLM being investigated by the FBI and it's not hard to imagine what sort of nefarious methods they might be using given today's surveillance culture.

The Black Panther


This is my first #humpdayeditorial of Black History Month so I thought it would be cool to focus on Emory Douglas. Emory Douglas was not only a talented designer and illustrator but a true revolutionary. He was a key member of The Black Panther Party and served as the Minister of Culture. His work for The Black Panther Newspaper is truly amazing, every image he created feels urgent but also timeless. A lot of artists make art that is political, but Douglas' work really feels like a political statement taking form as art. I tried to incorporate some of his style into this portrait and I don't think I was entirely successful, but this was a fun experiment.


I scream, you scream...


I actually had another post ready to go for today, but the recent targeting of the bay area and other sanctuary cities throughout America brought ICE back to mind. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was never something I've liked, but it seems to have gotten even more oppressive under Trump. I really can't(and probably shouldn't) get into how low my opinion is of every single person doing this job, but like I said in a previous post they are cogs in a machine, and this is a systemic problem that is not going to be solved anytime soon. In the meantime, there are organizations that provide support to immigrants that have been arrested, and activists prepared to make things as difficult as possible for ICE to function. If you have information about an ICE raid or witness and ICE raid there is probably a local organization you can call. I have done some research for the Bay Area, but a quick google and you should be able to find what you need.

If you witness an ICE raid or have information about an upcoming raid please call:

San Francisco: (415) 200-1548
Alameda County: (510) 241-4011 (taking Contra Costa calls too)
San Mateo: (203) 666-4472
Santa Clara County: (408) 290-1144
Marin County: (415) 991-4545
North Bay (Sonoma, Solano): (707) 800-4544
Sacramento: (916) 245-6773
Santa Cruz County: (831) 239-4289
Monterey County: (831) 643-5225
Fresno: (559) 206-0151

Google doc link with current info:



The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified processed meat as a carcinogen, something that causes cancer. And it has classified red meat as a probable carcinogen, something that probably causes cancer. Now, this study was somewhat blown out of proportion by some which led to a lot of people disregarding the study altogether. Because processed meats were placed in the same category as smoking the story became "processed meat is as bad as smoking" which isn't an accurate comparison for a plethora of reasons. Smoking is probably still worse for you, and if you smoke cigarettes, you should probably stop. However bad headlines and improper reporting do not discredit the study. The study is large, well regarded, peer-reviewed, and confirms what numerous other studies have shown. All this just addresses the risk of cancer, red meat and processed meats increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, etc, etc, etc.

Killed By Police


This is a topic that I honestly can't even begin to pick apart in a social media post. In 2017 American Law Enforcement killed 1188 people. This is a totally shocking and disturbing number. Just so you get a sense of scale, China(whose population exceeds ours multiple times over) has about 10-20 deaths from police violence per year. According to Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First-World Nations. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but we need to start by acknowledging that there is something fundamentally wrong with our approach to law enforcement. Also, I pulled the 1188 number from, who is doing very important work. Check out their page and consider making a donation.

Sue the Bastards!


I wanted to do a piece about FCC and Net Neutrality mainly because I think people should still be talking about this. Everyone raised a big stink about this in Dec, but talk has died down to a whisper due to the 24-hour news cycle. The fight is not over. There are still ways to kill the FCC's plan to destroy the internet. Congress could review the plan and reject it, States could potentially pass their own legislation protecting net neutrality, and many states are planning to sue the FCC. Whatever the mechanics are, it's important that you get in touch with your representative and let them know that the issue is still very real to you and that you expect them to take action.

4 Trillion Reasons Not To Support McDonald's


The holidays have got me up against the ropes to get these out every weds, but I managed to squeak by once again. I'm not sure if corporations are evil by nature, but I think there are at least a handful that are undeniably negative forces in the world. McDonald's obviously spends a lot of money on philanthropic efforts, but I don't buy into the idea that we need corporations to fund these organizations. Even taking their various charities into account, the damage they do eclipses any charitable spending. McD's is the most profitable fast food in the world raking in 36.4 billion dollars in sales for 2016, more than twice their closest competitor, Starbucks(14 billion). McDonald's boasts that they sell 75 burgers per second. Every hamburger is responsible for producing 5 lbs of methane(one of the very worst greenhouse gases) and requires about 600 gallons of water. This means that every day McDonald's is responsible for producing 16,200 TONS of methane and using 3,888,000,000 gallons of water. Really let that sink in...almost FOUR TRILLION GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY. I don't even have the time to break down the health or cultural impact much less other environmental impacts from food transportation, etc.

You can't kill the protest.


I'm trying to do these every weds. I knew I was going to be busy for the holidays, so I had to put this together pretty quickly last Thursday. Sometimes the pieces that take the least amount of time are the ones you like the most. The inspiration came from an Anti-Flag song(lyrics below). Hope you all had a good Holiday and have a Happy New Year. Keep fighting.

Sawed my feet at the ankles, but I wasn't going to run
Grabbed my face, sliced off my tongue
Lock off each hand at the wrist
So I can't raise my fist!

You can kill the protestor (can't kill)
You can't kill the protest
You can murder the rebel (murder)
You can't murder the rebellion

Lying still now, no way to speak. Nothing to fear, bullets can't silence ideas!

A Cog in the Machine


Earlier this year there was a couple of illegal immigrants that were deported while their infant was undergoing life-or-death surgery in a Texas hospital. They were arrested during the procedure. It got me thinking about how heartless someone would have to be to do something like this. I'm sure each person involved saw themselves as simply doing their job. Bureaucracy and institutionalising is how the powers that be manipulate people into carrying out immoral acts. We are a country that has fundamentally racist law enforcement policies, and these laws are enforced by people who aren't necessarily racist. I say this not to absolve anyone of their crimes but to shed light on the system that corrupts us. It brings to mind the speech from Mario Savio:

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"



Slacktavism is something we are all guilty of in some form. I see it in myself all the time and it's something I'm attempting to address. It's so easy to get enraged just scrolling through your newsfeed on facebook, and it's too easy to expel your anger by clicking 'share'. You probably should be mad about things that are going on in the world, but we have to get constructive with our anger. Sharing an article or signing a petition isn't a harmful action in itself, but it tricks your brain into thinking that you've actually done something about the problem. Something I've been trying to do recently is balance out my slacktivism with some sort of action. For example, if I share an article I have to actually do something about it. This can be a phone call, having a discussion with someone in real life, emailing my representative, donating time/money, and possibly creating some art. These actions are also just a drop in the bucket, but imagine how much money planned parenthood would receive in donations if everyone sharing an article about reproductive rights donated 5 dollars. The desire to make the world a better place exists, but we have to learn how to leverage it.

Gateway Drug.


This is going to be the first of a series I am calling "humpday editorials". This is personal project that I hope will challenge me to create more conceptual work. I'll be posting a editorial/conceptual illustration every weds for the next few months.

There has been a lot of talk about the opioid crisis recently. While it's nice that the problem is finally getting some attention, I am worried that it will soon turn into another Reagan/Bush style War On Drugs. Trump and his administration seem to be addressing the problem by encouraging arrests and getting tough on crime. But the criminals are not street pushers or addicts, they are the corporations that manufacture and market these dangerous drugs. None of this is going to get any better unless we hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for their actions. We can start by demanding that these companies fund treatment centers for people addicted to opioids.


For many artists the path to defining a style is long and treacherous. It takes so much exploration and evaluation to figure how you want to create, what you want to create, and how you express yourself. It really can be painful at times, but it's so rewarding once you finally find a direction. However, this process can leave you feeling afraid to explore for fear of getting lost or diluting your brand.

As artists it is important for us to never lose that spirit of exploration, but in exploring we have to be cautious about what we share and how these explorations are affecting our work. Sometimes exploring is as simple as applying our work to a new medium. For example, Andrew Maclean is primarily known as a comic artist, but he has just started making patches.

Many artist explore specific themes and content in their work. A lot of this simply comes from what they are interested in. Personally, I find myself drawing characters from movies, musicians, and comic characters. I draw these things because I love them, but to be marketable as an illustrator it is really important to work outside your comfort zone. Exploring new subject matter is a great way to explore and demonstrate marketability. 

Sometimes you get the push you need from a client. Last week I was hired to design a poster for the wordpress mascot Wapuu's fanclub. Cute anime mascots are not something that I would have ever considered drawing, but the project had just the right level of challenge to really inspire me. I did a fair amount of research but just the idea of applying my style to something that I normally wouldn't draw created an interesting juxtaposition that made this project a lot of fun. 

That's all for this week. Check back here every Weds for more content! 


I thought this week I would talk about some of my favorite art tools. These are far from "the best" tools, but they are the ones that I have found work best for me. Still, my arsenal of art tools is always changing and I would encourage other artists to never stop searching for the perfect pen, brush, ink, etc.


Brushes are my primary inking tools. I do almost all my inking with my #4 Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable brush. Winsor & Newton sable brushes are practically an industry standard at this point. They are a little pricy, but if you take care of them they can last years. I recommend using the Winsor & Newton brush cleaning fluid. I clean my brushes thoroughly after each piece, sometimes during. It's always nice to have some old worn out brushes, I use a couple cheap chisel brushes usually for texture or lettering. I also have a couple old tooth brushes that I use for splattering, textures, and other punk rock effects. 



From front to back. That little pen is a pilot petit 3 and it's great for line art and writing, it's really versatile and it's refillable. Faber Castell pens wear down easy, but their ink and line quality is really nice. Presto white out is good for fixing large mistakes and creating white ink effects. Sharpie and Posca both make a great felt-tipped paint pen, I use these for writing and fixing small mistakes. Pentel brush pens are a great on-the-go option for those who like to ink with a brush. I use that huge acrylic marker for spotting large black areas. it's awesome. 



I do very little finished art in pencil, but I use colored pencil like crazy. I will probably do a blog about my process later, but typically I sketch in blue or red so I can remove the color easily in photoshop and leave the black ink. Prismacolor makes some great blue and red leads for 2mm lead holders. Speaking of lead holders I have a 5.5mm lead holder I load up with mont blanc 4B leads. I really only use this for lifedrawing, but it's absolutely amazing. In the back I have some blackwing pencils that are really fun to mess around with, although I haven't really worked them into my standard process yet. 


I make a lot of notes and to do lists, so having something portable and quick is important to me. The midori travel notebook is awesome. It's expensive, but everything is replaceable/refillable. Clipped to that I have a pilot petit fountain pen, a surprisingly good fountain pen and it uses the same cartridges as the pilot petit 3. I have a few fountain pens, and my Jin Hao was easily my favorite until part of it broke recently. My backup is the Lammy pen pictured above which is a nice reliable pen. The best fountain pen ink I have found is Sailor ink, nice and dark with very little bleed. 


Speaking of ink, I have yet to find a better ink for drawing than Deleter Black #4. This stuff is amazing, it's pitch black, dries pretty quick, and is easy to clean off a brush. Deleter also makes a nice thick whiteout that is great for white splatters. Dr.Ph. Martin makes a wide range of colored inks that are really fun to play with. I don't use them often, but the vibrant colors are fantastic. 

That's all for now. I have a few more tools I will probably talk about some other time, but right now these are the ones I like best. Comment below and let me know what your favorites are!