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A blog by illustrator and designer, Bryan E. West. This blog will focus on my artwork as well as my thoughts about art & culture.

The Terminator


While “My Cousin Vinny” is inexplicably the first R-rated movie that my parents let me watch, The Terminator is the first R-rated movie I saw behind their backs. I was only 7, and I don’t think I even had the chance to finish the movie before I went home, but it left a significant impression on me. At the time, I hadn’t even seen Star Wars yet, so the opening, filled with lasers, crushed skulls, and chrome skeletons was revelatory. This was all the stuff I loved from comic books, action figures, and cartoons but grown-up, post-pubescent and in real life. Terminator remains one of my favorite movies, and while Terminator 2 is immaculate action-spectacle perfection, I have some extra nostalgia for the sleek 80’s tech-noir of the original. I blended both movies a little bit here, grafting Terminator 2’s “No Fate” onto Arnie’s face from the original poster. Not super happy with it, but I’m getting back into drawing after a month-long break so there are still some cobwebs I gotta shake off…I have some new projects coming up that I’m excited to talk about, but those won’t start until October. Until then I will be posting a piece of art every Weds so check back here weekly.