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A blog by illustrator and designer, Bryan E. West. This blog will focus on my artwork as well as my thoughts about art & culture.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow


After my Flash comic cover recreation, my friend suggested I draw Green Lantern 85, the infamous drug issue from Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams' seminal Green Lantern/Green Arrow run. Honestly, I think he was joking, but I always loved those GL/GA covers. Neal Adams was one of the best artists in comics in the ’70s and his run on Green Lantern is a real joy even if some of the well-intentioned stories haven’t aged very well. This comic was a precursor to all those after school specials that would become so ubiquitous 15 years later. The comic book equivalent of seeing Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell popping caffeine pills in the unforgettable episode “Jesse’s Song”…