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Movie Recommendation: The Lovers on the Bridge

The Lovers on the Bridge(1991) - Leos Carax

The elevator pitch for The Lovers on the Bridge is simple, two homeless people fall in love and live together on a bridge in Paris, but there is so much more to this film. Beautiful and tragic, meditative and ecstatic, Lovers on the Bridge never comfortably settles into a conventional love story or what you think it should be. Every time you think you’ve got a handle on where things are going something happens that changes everything, and in this Carax manages to construct a beautifully realistic and honest love story. Both Juliette Binoche and Denis Lavant give the performances of their career, and Leo Carax’s visual style and camera movement bring this movie to life in a way that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s hard to communicate the visual and technical achievement of Lovers on the Bridge. Easily one of the best films of the ’90s and a great entry point to French cinema for those looking for something a little more contemporary than the French New Wave films of the ’60s.