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Movie Recommendation: The Night Comes For Us


The Night Comes for Us(2018) - Timo Tjahjanto

The Raid is for babies. Are you little baby?…No? Then boy have I got a movie for you. The Night Comes for us might lack some of the cinematic competence and style of The Raid, but it makes up for it 10-fold in bloody appendages and broken bones. The amateurism also adds a sloppy immediacy and vital energy, making The Night Comes for Us feel something like The Raid mixed with Dead Alive or El Mariachi. The movie starts off a little slow, and to be honest the first fight scene was a little weak, but as the story progresses so does the violence, and by the end of the movie I was practically standing on my couch yelling things like “Oh damn! Did you see that?! Ohhhhhhh!!!”. I don’t really know what else to say about this movie, it’s one of the most entertaining movie watching experiences I’ve had this year.