Graphic Design & Illustration


Artist Bio for illustrator and designer Bryan E. West.



Bryan E. West is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in Santa Cruz, CA. Bryan creates candy-colored illustrations, thoughtful design, and distinct visual art. He has a Bachelor's degree in digital art and design and started his professional career at a marketing agency before going into business for himself.

Bryan specializes in editorial illustration, marketing design, logo design, and branding. In addition to Freelance work, Bryan writes, draws, and publishes comics & zines. Bryan survives on a diet of Film Noir, 70's Cinema, Superman Comics, and Yakuza Flicks.

Bryan has worked with: Netflix, 8-bit Zombie, The Cinegogue, Printed in blood, Shelf Heroes,, The Daily Toast, Colopl NI, 365 Producer, OK Whatever News, Calavera Coffee, Indigital, Vertigo Coffee, and many more wonderful people.



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